Telecoupling: Understanding how small -- and connected -- the world is

To understand today’s hyper-connected world and achieve a sustainable future, it takes an umbrella.That umbrella is telecoupling, a new avenue of research that enables natural and social scientists across various disciplines to understand and generate information for managing how humans and nature sustainably coexist. 


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United Nations applies framework to global challenges


Ibrahim Thiaw, executive secretary of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification and Achim Steiner, administrator of United Nations Development Programme, explore in a Thomson-Reuters opinion piece, telecoupling's role in defining global threats.



A special feature in Ecology and Society

Ecology and Society special feature 

Telecoupling Toolbox

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Geospatial software tools and apps to map and identify five major interrelated components of the telecoupling framework. 

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Join the Telecoupling Toolbox Forum to be part of an open, inclusive community for telecoupling research. Help improve the software and tools with new ideas, feedback and bug fix reports. Find the Forum link on the toolbox home page menu.
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Telecoupling paper honored as best of 2013 in Ecology and Society
and Web of Science citation from
Web of Science
As of September/October 2014, this paper received enough citations
to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of social sciences.

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Systems integration for global sustainability

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(News release: World's challenges demand science changes - and fast, experts say)


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Framing Sustainability in a Telecoupled World

News release: Telecoupling pulls pieces of sustainability together





Scholars are talking:

Telecoupling and the IALE World Congress Part 2: Tele-whating? A NASA-MSU scholar from Texas begins to fit his head - and his work - around a telecoupling framework in his blog.


What Are We Doing with our Planet’s Land? A Report from Berlin A senior scientist reports on telecoupling work surfacing in a Global Land Project conference in the Union of Concerned Scientist blog.


Michigan Sea Grant Extension introduces telecoupling to an environment near you