Telecoupling: Understanding how small -- and connected -- the world is

To understand today’s hyper-connected world and achieve a sustainable future, it takes an umbrella.That umbrella is telecoupling, a new avenue of research that enables natural and social scientists across various disciplines to understand and generate information for managing how humans and nature sustainably coexist. 


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Telecoupling paper honored as best of 2013 in Ecology and Society

and Web of Science citation from

Web of Science

As of September/October 2014, this paper received enough citations to place it in the top 1% of the academic field of social sciences.

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Systems integration for global sustainability

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News release: World's challenges demand science changes - and fast, experts say


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Framing Sustainability in a Telecoupled World

News release: Telecoupling pulls pieces of sustainability together





Scholars are talking:

Telecoupling and the IALE World Congress Part 2: Tele-whating? A NASA-MSU scholar from Texas begins to fit his head - and his work - around a telecoupling framework in his blog.


What Are We Doing with our Planet’s Land? A Report from Berlin A senior scientist reports on telecoupling work surfacing in a Global Land Project conference in the Union of Concerned Scientist blog.


Michigan Sea Grant Extension introduces telecoupling to an environment near you