2009 Rachel Carson Lecture by Billie Lee Turner II

2009 Rachel Carson Lecture by Billie Lee Turner II

Billie Lee Turner II delivered the 2009 Rachel Carson Lecture, "Land Architecture, Sustainability and the Southern Yucatán," on Jan. 28, 2009 in the Lincoln Room of the Kellogg Center.

Turner is the first Gilbert F. White Chair in Environment and Society in the School of Geographical Sciences at Arizona State University. For 20 years he taught at Clark University where he was the Milton P. & Alice C. Higgins Professor of Environment and Society and director of the Graduate School of Geography.

Turner's contributions to knowledge have evolved from an interest in human impacts on the natural world. His early study was on the borders of archaeology and geography -- the pre-Hispanic agricultural systems of the Maya in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. This geographical and archaeological work fueled an interest in agricultural pathways and livelihoods more generally, particularly patterns of agricultural intensification. As an authority on agricultural systems, Turner produced several influential texts on the theory of agrarian change.

His interest in specific impacts of populations and societies on land use change and alterations in land cover led to a return to fieldwork in Central America in the 1990s working with a number of doctoral students and supported by several large research grants.He also has promoted the emerging field of sustainability science, an emerging focus at Arizona State University. His exceptional interdisciplinary research and other activities have been recognized by many prestigious honors and awards, including membership in the National Academy of Sciences.

Watch Billie Lee Turner II's Rachel Carson Lecture:

2009 Rachel Carson Lecture by Billie Lee Turner II, "Land Architecture, Sustainability and the Southern Yucatán" from CSIS at MSU on Vimeo.