Community structure analysis of giant panda habitat in Wolong


Ouyang Zhi-Yun, Jianguo Liu, Zhang He-Min

Journal or Book Title: Acta Ecologica Sinica (In Chinese)

Keywords: giant panda; habitat structure; species diversity; species dominance

Volume/Issue: 20/3

Page Number(s): 458-462

Year Published: 2000


Giant panda inhabits the cool temperate and subalpine forest in Wolong, China. The important values of the habitat were expressed as the follows: the species richness is 21.6, canopy coverage is 1.64, Shannon species diversity index is 1.57, Wilson species dominance index is 0.38, maximum DBH is 794, cm, and biomass of bamboo is 6.73 kg/m2.

In Wolong, the evergreen broad-leafed forest, evergreen and deciduous broad-leafed forest, deeciduous broad-leafed forest, coniferous and decisuous forest, subalpine coniferous forest are the suitable habitat for pandas. Hoever, their suitablilty and habitat quality are influenced by deforestation. The species dominance and DBH, as well as bamboo biomass and generation index are higher in the primary habitat than those in the disturbed habitat. The species richenss and diversit of habitat are found higher in the disturbed ones.

Type of Publication: Journal Article