Revising China’s Environmental Law


Guizhen He, Lei Zhang, Arthur P.J. Moi, Yonglong Lu, Jianguo Liu

Journal or Book Title: Science

Keywords: China, Environmental Protection Law, conservation, policy

Volume/Issue: Vol. 341

Page Number(s): 133

Year Published: 2013



China’s Environmental Protection Law (EPL) is the main national environmental legislative framework. Yet the environmental legal system is incomplete, and implementation and enforcement of environmental laws have shown major shortcomings ( 1– 3). A controversial attempt to revise the EPL could have far-reaching impacts on China’s economic development and environmental protection, which may have global  implications ( 4, 5). Increasing pressures to strengthen the rule of law in China raise the stakes ( 6). We discuss the need for a sound legal and scientifi c basis for revising the EPL.

DOI: 10.1126/science.1235000

Type of Publication: Journal Article