Opinion: Building a 21st-century infrastructure for the social sciences



Emilio F. Moran, Sandra L. Hofferth, Catherine C. Eckel, Darrick Hamiltond, Barbara Entwisle, J. Lawrence Aber, Henry E. Brady, Dalton Conley,  Susan L. Cutter, Klaus Hubacek, and John T. Scholz

Journal or Book Title: PNAS

Volume/Issue: Vol 111, No. 45

Page Number(s): 15855-15856

Year Published: 2014


The social sciences are poised for a transformation. New data from the Internet and social media, when combined with newly available administrative and transactional data, have the potential to greatly expand the questions that can be addressed, as well as the spatial and temporal scales at which they can be addressed.

DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1416561111

Type of Publication: Journal Article