International Tourism Dynamics in a Globalized World: A Social Network Analysis Approach


Min Gon Chung, Anna Herzberger, Kenneth A. Frank and Jianguo Liu

Journal or Book Title: Journal of Travel Research

Keywords: international tourism; social network model; cluster analysis; metacoupling; cultural ecosystem service

Page Number(s): 1-17

Year Published: 2019


A complex network of tourism has emerged in the globalized world, but there is little research on the dynamics of global tourism networks and the underlying forces that affect those dynamics. Using international tourism data for 124 countries between 2000 and 2013, we integrated cluster analyses and social network models to identify the structures of global tourism networks and uncover factors affecting changes in international tourist flows. Results indicate that global tourism networks have become highly consolidated over time and that reduced transaction costs (e.g., language, distance, and visa policies) are more important in attracting international tourists than natural and cultural attractions. Furthermore, cost of living differences between countries decreased in importance over time. Finally, international tourist flows are resilient to political instability and terrorism risks. Our approach and findings highlight the key strategic factors for decision-making to implement proactive tourism tourism, social network model, cluster analysis, metacoupling, cultural ecosystem service

DOI: 10.1177/0047287519844834