Improvements in ecosystem services from investments in natural capital


Zhiyun Ouyang, Hua Zheng, Yi Xiao, Stephen Polasky, Jianguo Liu, Weihua Xu, Qiao Wang, Lu Zhang, Yang Xiao, Enming Rao, Ling Jiang, Fei Lu, Xiaoke Wang, Guangbin Yang, Shihan Gong, Bingfang Wu, Yuan Zeng, Wu Yang, Gretchen Daily

Journal or Book Title: Science

Volume/Issue: 352/6292

Page Number(s): 1455-1459

Year Published: 2016


In response to ecosystem degradation from rapid economic development, China began investing heavily in protecting and restoring natural capital starting in 2000.We report on China’s first national ecosystem assessment (2000–2010), designed to quantify and help manage change in ecosystem services, including food production, carbon sequestration, soil retention, sandstorm prevention, water retention, flood mitigation, and provision of habitat for biodiversity. Overall, ecosystem services improved from 2000 to 2010, apart from habitat provision. China’s national conservation policies contributed significantly to the increases in those ecosystem services.

DOI: 10.1126/science.aaf2295

Type of Publication: Journal Article