The Housing Bomb: Why Our Addiction to Houses Is Destroying the Environment and Threatening Our Society


M. Nils Peterson, Tarla Rai Peterson, Jianguo "Jack" Liu

Keywords: Housing, household dynamics, environment, urban ecology, sustainability

Year Published: 2013


Have we built our way to ruin? Is your desire for that beach house or cabin in the woods part of the environmental crisis? Do you really need a bigger home? Why don’t multiple generations still live under one roof? In The Housing Bomb, leading environmental researchers M. Nils Peterson, Tarla Rai Peterson, and Jianguo "Jack" Liu sound the alarm, explaining how and why our growing addiction to houses has taken the humble American dream and twisted it into an environmental and societal nightmare.

DOI: ISBN-13: 978-1-4214-1065-4

Type of Publication: Book

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press

Location: Baltimore, Md.