A fresh look at inland fisheries and their role in food security and livelihoods


Simon Funge-Smith and Abigail Bennett

Journal or Book Title: Fish and Fisheries

Volume/Issue: 00

Page Number(s): 1-20

Year Published: 2019


The role of inland fisheries in livelihoods, food security and sustainable development is often overshadowed by the higher profile interest in ocean issues. Whilst inland fisheries' catch and contribution to global nutrition, food security and the economy, are less than that of marine fisheries, global‐level comparisons of fish production obscure considerable livelihood impacts in certain countries and sub‐national areas. To highlight these contributions, this paper synthesizes recent data and innovative approaches for assessing such livelihood contributions and their importance in coun‐ tries with limited access to ocean resources and aquaculture. Inland fisheries are crucial for many socially, economically and nutritionally vulnerable groups of people around the world, but the challenges in monitoring inland fisheries preclude a com‐ plete understanding of the magnitude of their contributions. This situation is rapidly improving with increasing recognition of inland fisheries in development discourses, which has also encouraged research to enhance knowledge on the importance of inland fisheries. We review this work, including collated information published in a recent Food and Agriculture Organization report, to provide an up to date characteri‐ zation of the state of knowledge on the role of inland fisheries.

DOI: 10.1111/faf.12403

Type of Publication: Journal Article