U.S./China Collaboration: Coupled Human and Natural Systems in the News

pandas and people

For more than a decade, the research into coupled human and natural systems in and around China's Wolong Nature Reserve has captured international media attention. This powerful partnership has greatly increased public's understanding and appreciation of the importance of science-driven policy, of conservation, and critical issues of sustainability that benefits both the environment and people.

There have been thousands of features on aspects of this research over the years in the media  -- from cover stories in major newspapers and magazines to TV reports to postings on blogs and in other social media.

Below is a selection of international news reports:



Motherboard: Sustainabiilty Scholar Jack Liu on Globalization and "Telecoupling"

Time.com/Ecocentric blog: The new science of telecoupling shows just how connected the world is -- for better and for worse

Discovery.com: City dwellers are greener

Bio-Medicine: Scientists: Big city life may alter green attitudes

Fast Company: The Silver Lining to China's Cloud of Smog

New Scientist: Chinese megacities foster unlikely green citizens

The Telegraph (UK): City slickers are greener than country cousins

Science Centric: Scientists: Big city life may alter green attitudes

National Science Foundation (video): Jianguo "Jack" Liu discusses green behavior in China's big cities

Sify: People with good jobs in big cities likely to be more eco-friendly

EcoWorld: City Dwellers Are More Green-Minded, Study Finds

MSNBC: City dwellers are 'greener'

Click Green: High-flying city dwellers are more likely to be green, study finds

Grist: China's biggest cities grow its greenest citizens



ScienceDaily: Quakes don't completely shake China's environmental gains, thanks to conservation programs

ScienceDaily: Most panda habitat is outside nature reserves, according to joint U.S-China research

The Dirt/Connecting the Built and Natural Environments: Restoring the balance between people and nature through wildlife habitat design

New York Times: China will tighten its supplies

EnvironmentalResearchWeb: Can peer pressure save the panda?

ScienceBlog: Peer pressure plays major role in environmental behavior

cast.org: 美国《科学》杂志推介科普出版社图书 (Chinese media)

New World Encyclopedia: Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries

UNEP.org: 名人名言 (Chinese media)



Nature: Genome reveals panda's carnivorous side

NSF: Peer Pressure Plays Major Role in Environmental Behavior

UPI: Peer pressure has environmental role

USA Today: Green neighbors unwittingly goad one to go green too

BBC: Wood harvest puts pandas at risk

baishuijiang.com: 7月29日,美国密执安州立大学系统综合与可持续研究中心刘建国教授,中国科学院环境研究中心副主任欧阳志云一行在管理局局长黄华梨的陪同下,到白马河保护站辖区对大熊猫栖息地保护及社区可持续发展等工作进行了调研 (Chinese media)



Science: Letting 1000 Forests Bloom

Conservation Magazine: Ecological Freakonomics

Xinhua News Agency (in Chinese): 美调查报告说中国两大环保工程取得成效

Science Daily: China's Programs Aim to Restore Environment and Help People

UPI.com: China's 'green' programs: World models?

Big 5 (China): U.S. Science report said the success of China's two major environmental projects

People's Daily Online (China): China's two major environmental programs set examples for world

lahy.qikan.com: 高离婚率祸害环境 (Chinese media)

jizhe.cc: 离婚与生态环境 (Chinese media)

big5.cctv.com: 進入[晚間新聞 (Chinese media)

Expansive list of coverage in international news media and government agencies



Washington Post: Divorce Found to Harm the Environment with Higher Energy, Water Use

Digital Journal: Social Science and Natural Science Working Together to Save the Earth

PBS.org Opinion: Environment: China's Environmental Future

Washington Post: Divorce Isn't Eco-Friendly

Los Angeles Times: In divorce, even the environment feels the pain

MSNBC: Want to help the environment? Don't divorce

USA Today: Marriage: Eco-friendlier than divorce?

Fox News: Researcher: Divorce Bad for Environment

Daily Mail (UK): Divorce is bad for the environment, scientists warn

Reuters: Stay married -- divorce is bad for environment

CBC News (Canada): Divorce bad for the environment, researchers say

Xinhua Daily Telegraph: 研究称,离婚不利于“节能降耗”  (Chinese media)

www.news.cn: 美:研究结果表明 全球离婚率上升加剧环境危机 (Chinese media)

www.news.cn: 美研究显示离婚增加能耗损害环境 (Chinese media)

China Elections and Government: 「原文出处」译自《Nature》杂志2005年6月30日第1179~1186页,刊载于《世界环境》2005年第4期 (Chinese media)



Discovery Channel: Planet Earth (click on Mountains, then the picture of the panda)

University of Michigan Population Studies Center: Jack Liu named Guggenheim Fellow

aboluowang.com: 全球化背景下的中国环境 (Chinese media)




CRI Online: 離婚 也會破壞環境 (Chinese media)

ChinaWoolong.com: 保护与发展国际专家咨询委员会在卧龙成立 (Chinese media)

Chinese Sustainable Industrial Development Network: 美国教授谈中国环境问题 (Chinese media)

Knowledge Review: 全球化下的中國環境 (Chinese media)



New York Times: The World -- People and Pollution; A Greener Globe, Maybe

tech.163.com: 大熊猫面临家园危机 (Chinese media)



NSF: Researchers Tie Worldwide Biodiversity Threats to Growth in Households

Scientific American: Proliferation of Homes Threatens Biodiversity

Xinhuanet: 生物多样性与全球健康休戚相关 (Chinese media)

Chinese Ecosystem Research Network: 生物多样性与全球健康休戚相关 (Chinese media)

Nature News: Rising household numbers damage hotspots



jyb.cn: 大熊猫的选择 (Chinese media)

CPST.net: 重新审视对大熊猫的保护 (Chinese media)



New York Times: Human Competition Edging Out Those Loveable Icons of Wildlife

CNN: Study: China failing to protect panda preserve

Scientific American: Nature Reserve Can't Protect Giant Panda

Guardian (UK): Humans encroach on panda haven