Yu-Chun Kao

Yu-Chun Kao

Research associate - USGS Great Lakes Science Center, Ann Arbor

Email: kaoyc@msu.edu


Ph.D. School of Natural Resources and Environment, University of Michigan -- 2015 

M.S. Bioenvironmental Systems Engineering, National Taiwan University (NTU) -- 2002
B.S. Agricultural Engineering (Minor: Earth System Science Program), NTU -- 2000 


The overarching goal of Yu-Chun's research is to provide natural resource managers information needed for sustainable inland fisheries management. To practically achieve this goal, it requires an understanding of aquatic ecosystems and a capacity to evaluate management strategies in a timely manner. 

Yu-Chun's research strives to use quantitative ecological models to (1) identify the causality between concurrent factors and observed ecosystem changes and (2) provide timely evaluations on current and potential management strategies.

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