Wu Yang

Wu Yang

Zhejiang University, China - Professor of Environmental Policy and Sustainability


Ph.D (2008 - 2013 ), Michigan State University, USA 

B.S. (2003 - 2007), Zhejiang University, China



My broad research interests are in the field of sustainability science. Currently, I am keenly interested in integrating multiple disciplines and techniques (e.g., ecology, socioeconomics, management, remote sensing, and system modeling) to study ecosystem services, human well-being, their linkages, and complexity in Coupled Human and Natural Systems (CHANS). I also apply social psychological theories to understand the underlying mechanisms of conservation behaviors. I advocate for actionable science to shape policy making both for ecosystem services and human well-being.

Research Interests:

Specialization: Common-pool resources management; Environmental science and policy; Ecological economics; Conservation biology; Structural equation modeling; Spatial modeling;

Language & Programming skills: Proficiency in Chinese and English; Proficiency in statistical software of STATA, R, and Mplus, spatial analysis software of ArcGIS and ERDAS, and programming language of Python. 

Michigan State University


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