Mimi Gong

Mimi Gong

PhD Student


Master of Forestry and Environmental Management, Duke University, 2014

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Ecology, Sun Yat-Sen University, 2012



Mimi Gong joined Jianguo Liu’s lab in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability in 2018. Before that, she has worked for three years as a GIS analyst for Global Forest Watch in World Resources Institute and an Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education fellow for US Army Corps of Engineers. These working experiences provide her opportunities to see real human-nature conflicts related to deforestation and resource exploitation around the world and unexpectedly, these conflicts aroused her interests in research to investigate more on the human-nature systems.
Her broad interests lie in the interdisciplinary studies on complex relationships among human behaviors, biodiversity and land use change.