Kat Magoulick

Kat Magoulick

Undergraduate researcher


Bachelor of Science, Zoology with a concentration in Ecology, Evolution, and Organismal Biology; Expected May 2018

Bachelor of Art, History; Minor: Anthropology Michigan State University


I am working on dual degrees in zoology and history as well as a minor in Anthropology. My work with Jack Liu and Vanessa Hull allows me to combine my various interests into one project. 

I am analyzing and synthesizing numerous individual research studies on animal species recovery conducted across the globe in order to obtain a more comprehensive picture of factors influencing the success of animal population recovery projects. The goal of this project is to develop guidelines and a step by step plan for the recovery of dwindling animal populations and habitats that can be used across a broad array of endangered species. In doing so, I will examine both successes and failures and analyze the reasons why each occurred, drawing cross-comparisons between studies based on a set of key anthropogenic factors of interest.