Daniel Rutledge

Daniel Rutledge

Maanki Whenua Landcare Research, NZ - senior scientist, landscape ecology and complex systems, governance and policy team


BA Int Sci/Ecology & Evol Bio, Northwestern University, USA

MS Ecology, University of Tennessee, USA

PhD Fisheries & Wildlife, Michigan State University, USA


My research aims to provide better knowledge and information needed by society to achieve the broad goals of sustainable development and biodiversity conservation. To that end it has three main facets: 1) understanding and characterising complex systems including interactions among culture, economy, environment, and society (i.e the 4 “pillars” of sustainable development), 2) developing models to characterize the past, present, and explore possible future scenarios of systems across various scales, and 3) integrating the knowledge and models into decision-making processes, especially decisions affecting land use and land cover change.