Name Phone
Li An San Diego State University - professor of geography
Zeenatul Basher Research scientist 703-648-4079
Scott Bearer The Nature Conservancy - forest ecologist
Andrew Carlson Princeton University - postdoc
Neil Carter Boise State University - assistant professor (208) 426-2932
Louise Chavarie Postdoctoral Associate
Xiaodong Chen University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill - assistant professor of geography
Jill Deines Stanford Center for Food Security and the Environment post-doctoral researcher
Andy Deines Senior scientist, Exponent, Inc.,Seattle
Yue Dou
Peter Esselman U.S. Geological Survey - aquatic landscape ecologist
Baling Fang Visiting Student
Ryan Fletcher
Amanda G. Guthrie PhD Student - Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Marissa Hammond DeCosta Penobscot East Resource Center
Guangming He Michigan State University - information management developer/analyst
Janet Hsiao Hydrologist – State of Hawaii, Commission on Water Resource Management
Sara Hughes UC-Santa Barbara - doctoral student and research assistant
Vanessa Hull Assistant professor - University of Florida
Erin Jarvie Master's Student
Tracy Kolb Michigan Department of Natural Resources - statewide angler survey program biologist
Ann Krause University of Toledo - assistant professor of ecology
Joe Lubuton
Edward Laurent American Bird Conservancy - science coordinator
Nancy Leonard Northwest Power and Conservation Council - fish, wildlife, and ecosystem monitoring and evaluation manager
Christopher Lepczyk University of Hawaii - assistant professor
Yu (Chris) Li The Nature Conservancy - research assistant
Dapeng Li Assistant professor of GIscience, South Dakota State University
Marc Linderman University of Iowa - assistant professor of geography
Wei Liu IIASA in Laxenburg, Austria - postdoctoral fellow
Junyan Luo Systems In Motion - java specialist
Abigail J. Lynch National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center, USGS - research scientist
Ayman Mabrouk Ses Grant Fellow at NOAA Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment
Kat Magoulick Undergraduate researcher
Megan Matonis Colorado State University - doctoral student
Bill McConnell
Paul McCord Postdoctoral Research Associate
James Millington Department of Geography at King's College, London - Leverhulme early career research fellow
Anita Morzillo University of Connecticut – Assistant Professor - Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Katrina Mueller U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - fisheries outreach coordinator, region 7
Joe Nohner Inland lakes habitat analyst & midwest glacial lakes partnership coordinator, Michigan Department of Natural Resources 517-284-6236
Marielle Peschiera Alumni
M. Nils Peterson North Carolina State University - assistant professor, fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology, human dimensions
Nick Reo Dartmouth University - Assistant professor, environmental studies and Native American studies
Betsy Riley
Daniel Rutledge Maanki Whenua Landcare Research, NZ - senior scientist, landscape ecology and complex systems, governance and policy team
Kelsey Schlee Alumni
Tomena Scholze Master's Student
Kiira Siitari Idaho Department of Fish and Game - Environmental staff biologist
Jing Sun Postdoctoral Associate
Ying Tang
Miriam Toro Rosario Master's Student
Erin Tracy Master's student
Yin-Phan Tsang University of Hawaii - Manoa - assistant professor of ecohydrology
Mao-Ning Tuanmu Assistant Research Fellow (tenure-track faculty) - Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Kerryann Waco-Weaver Environmental Protection Agency - life scientist II 312-353-9483
Fang Wang Research Associate
Julia Whyte Master's student
Wu Yang Zhejiang University, China - Professor of Environmental Policy and Sustainability
Hongbo Yang Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Eunice Yu
Jindong Zhang Associate professor, China West Normal University.
Zhiqiang "Jason" Zhao Research Associate
Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe Alumna