Name Phone
Jianguo "Jack" Liu Director and sustainability scholar 517-432-5025
Name Phone
Devin Bartley Robin Welcomme Scholar, Executive in Residence Program 517-402-1301
Thomas Dietz University Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Environmental Science and Policy (ESPP) and Assistant Vice President for Environmental Research 517-353-8763
Ken Frank MSU Foundation Professor of Sociometrics and Fisheries and Wildlife 517-355-9567
Simon Funge-Smith Adjunct faculty
Dana Infante Associate Professor of Fisheries and Wildlife 517-432-7232
Charles Krueger Professor - T. F. Waters Chair Aquatic Ecology and Conservation
Jianguo "Jack" Liu Director and sustainability scholar 517-432-5025
Frank Lupi Professor of environmental and natural resources economics and fisheries and wildlife 517-432-3883
Emilio Moran John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor 517-884-1236
Sue Nichols Assistant Director Cell: 517-282-1093
Mark Rey Executive in Residence 202-669-9902
William W. Taylor University Distinguished Professor in Global Fisheries Systems 517-432-5025
Heather Triezenberg Social scientist/Extension specialist (517) 353-5508
Andrés Viña Assistant Professor 517-798-6712

Postdoctoral Associates and Students

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Name Phone
Barbara Avers Doctoral Student
Samantha Betances Master's Student
Sophia Chau Doctoral Student
Min Gon Chung Doctoral Candidate
Thomas Connor Doctoral candidate
Emily Dean PhD Student (616) 638-0168
Veronica Frans Doctoral student
Mimi Gong PhD Student
Molly J. Good PhD Candidate
Kyle Herreman GIS Research Scientist 517-432-3102
Anna Herzberger Doctoral Candidate
Ciara Hovis PhD Student
Yu-Chun Kao Research associate - USGS Great Lakes Science Center, Ann Arbor
Kelly Kapsar PhD Student
Yingjie Li PhD Candidate
Tessaliz Quiles-Delgado Master's student 787-919-8936
Zhenci Xu Doctoral Student
So-Jung Youn Doctoral Student
Yuqian Zhang Doctoral student
Name Phone
Jamie DePolo Communications Manager 609-354-8403
Shuxin Li Research Assistant III
Jennifer Mitchell Administrative Assistant II 517-432-5025
James Vatter IT Manager
Name Phone
Li An San Diego State University - professor of geography
Zeenatul Basher Research scientist 703-648-4079
Scott Bearer The Nature Conservancy - forest ecologist
Andrew Carlson Princeton University - postdoc
Neil Carter Boise State University - assistant professor (208) 426-2932
Louise Chavarie Postdoctoral Associate
Xiaodong Chen University of North Carolina/Chapel Hill - assistant professor of geography
Jill Deines Stanford Center for Food Security and the Environment post-doctoral researcher
Andy Deines Senior scientist, Exponent, Inc.,Seattle
Yue Dou
Peter Esselman U.S. Geological Survey - aquatic landscape ecologist
Baling Fang Visiting Student
Ryan Fletcher
Amanda G. Guthrie PhD Student - Virginia Institute of Marine Science
Marissa Hammond DeCosta Penobscot East Resource Center
Guangming He Michigan State University - information management developer/analyst
Janet Hsiao Hydrologist – State of Hawaii, Commission on Water Resource Management
Sara Hughes UC-Santa Barbara - doctoral student and research assistant
Vanessa Hull Assistant professor - University of Florida
Erin Jarvie Master's Student
Tracy Kolb Michigan Department of Natural Resources - statewide angler survey program biologist
Ann Krause University of Toledo - assistant professor of ecology
Joe Lubuton
Edward Laurent American Bird Conservancy - science coordinator
Nancy Leonard Northwest Power and Conservation Council - fish, wildlife, and ecosystem monitoring and evaluation manager
Christopher Lepczyk University of Hawaii - assistant professor
Yu (Chris) Li The Nature Conservancy - research assistant
Dapeng Li Assistant professor of GIscience, South Dakota State University
Marc Linderman University of Iowa - assistant professor of geography
Wei Liu IIASA in Laxenburg, Austria - postdoctoral fellow
Junyan Luo Systems In Motion - java specialist
Abigail J. Lynch National Climate Change and Wildlife Science Center, USGS - research scientist
Ayman Mabrouk Ses Grant Fellow at NOAA Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment
Kat Magoulick Undergraduate researcher
Megan Matonis Colorado State University - doctoral student
Bill McConnell
Paul McCord Postdoctoral Research Associate
James Millington Department of Geography at King's College, London - Leverhulme early career research fellow
Anita Morzillo University of Connecticut – Assistant Professor - Human Dimensions of Natural Resources
Katrina Mueller U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service - fisheries outreach coordinator, region 7
Joe Nohner Inland lakes habitat analyst & midwest glacial lakes partnership coordinator, Michigan Department of Natural Resources 517-284-6236
Marielle Peschiera Alumni
M. Nils Peterson North Carolina State University - assistant professor, fisheries, wildlife, and conservation biology, human dimensions
Nick Reo Dartmouth University - Assistant professor, environmental studies and Native American studies
Betsy Riley
Daniel Rutledge Maanki Whenua Landcare Research, NZ - senior scientist, landscape ecology and complex systems, governance and policy team
Kelsey Schlee Alumni
Tomena Scholze Master's Student
Kiira Siitari Idaho Department of Fish and Game - Environmental staff biologist
Jing Sun Postdoctoral Associate
Ying Tang
Miriam Toro Rosario Master's Student
Erin Tracy Master's student
Yin-Phan Tsang University of Hawaii - Manoa - assistant professor of ecohydrology
Mao-Ning Tuanmu Assistant Research Fellow (tenure-track faculty) - Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
Kerryann Waco-Weaver Environmental Protection Agency - life scientist II 312-353-9483
Fang Wang Research Associate
Julia Whyte Master's student
Wu Yang Zhejiang University, China - Professor of Environmental Policy and Sustainability
Hongbo Yang Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute
Eunice Yu
Jindong Zhang Associate professor, China West Normal University.
Zhiqiang "Jason" Zhao Research Associate
Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe Alumna

Past Visiting Scholars

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Name Phone
Kostas Bithas Professor, environmental and natural resources economics, Panteion University, Athens, Greece
Jingjing Cai Assistant Professor, School of Economics, Xiamen University
Yueyue Du Former visiting PhD student
Guiseppe Feola Lecturer in Environment and Development, University of Reading, U.K.
Liling Huang PhD lecturer at Institute of Tourism of Beijing Union University
Baorong Huang Associate professor, Institute of Policy and Management, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Yunkai Li Associate professor, China Agricultural University
Canbing Li Professor and Associate Head of the Department of Electrical Engineering
Xiao Li Visiting scholar
Tao "Peter" Pan Associate Professor, The Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Rafaela Schinegger Fulbright Visiting Scholar & Senior Scientist, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna
Pia-Johanna Schweizer Visiting Scholar
Yuxin Tong Institute of Soil Fertilizer and Environment Resources, Heilongjiang Academy of Agriculture Sciences
Meredith Evans Wagner Doctoral candidate, University of Florida
Wenbin Wu Professor, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences
Yan "Rocky" Yan Associate professor at the State Key Lab of Regional and Urban Ecology, Research Center for Eco-environmental Sciences in the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Yingying Yao Visiting Scholar - Institute of Water Sciences, Peking University
Jian Zhang Visiting PhD student