Science via comic = so cool

Night Growl comicHow cool is this Sci-ence piece, Night Growl, in which science comic artist Maki Naro riffs on the recent piece about Neil Carter and Jack Liu's PNAS paper on tigers in Nepal.  He says:

"As a roommate, I am the tiger in this comic. I tend to keep to myself, as I enjoy my privacy, but it gets out of hand at times and borders on anti-social behavior (or so my guilt tells me). But I am working on it. Last week I happened to catch this piece over at Scientific Americanby the great Bora Zivkovic*. It had all the things I love: tigers, behavioral adaptations, and tigers.

"Regular readers will know that I’m big on conservation, especially creatures endangered by poaching, and especially if the poaching is fueled by a black market demand for superstitious magic remedies. So I was rightly fascinated by these tigers who had changed their behavior in order to keep interactions with humans low. Of course, it’s sad that they were effectively driven off their temporal niche, but at least they’re still in the park, where some of their human co-habitators are military patrols, enforcing anti-poaching laws."