Reo named Toihuarewa Visiting Indigenous Fellow

Nick Reo

June 6, 2006

Nick Reo, former Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability member and current post-doc researcher at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment, has received the Toihuarewa Visiting Indigenous Fellowship, designed to attract international indigenous scholars to Victoria University to build indigenous research capacity and enhance engagement and collaboration with Victoria’s Māori research program. Reo will be traveling to New Zealand in the fall for about a month, and will be studying natural resource co-management agreements between Maori Iwi (tribes) and the Crown, interacting with Maori faculty on the campus, and visiting a tribal college and research station to share his experiences working with tribal colleges in the United States.

"I’ll also be sharing my knowledge of co-management involving tribes and first nations in North America and tribal natural resource issues in general," Reo said. "I see this as an opportunity to draw connections between the U.S., Canada and New Zealand and broaden my perspective about tribal resource management."

Reo also hopes to establish a long-term relationship with university colleagues and tribal community representatives in New Zealand to support future research collaborations and cross-cultural exchanges between Anishinaabe and Maori communities, and adds that perhaps some day those relationships could also lead to a study-abroad course in New Zealand.