Lynch honored with Paul W. Rodgers Scholarship

Lynch honored with Paul W. Rodgers Scholarship

April 23, 2013

CSIS Ph.D. candidate Abigail Lynch received the 2013 Paul W. Rodgers Scholarship from the International Association of Great Lakes Research. The scholarship is given to support the advancement of knowledge relating to Great Lakes aquatic ecosystem health and management.

A doctoral student in fisheries and wildlife with a dual major in ecology, evolutionary biology and behavior, and a doctoral specialization in environmental science and public policy, Lynch’s dissertation research focuses on developing a decision-support tool to regulate harvest management strategies for lake whitefish (Coregonus cluipeaformis) in a changing climate. Lake whitefish support the most economically valuable commercial fishery in the Upper Great Lakes and are a sentinel species in the cold water fish community. Climate change has the potential to affect the distribution and abundance of lake whitefish and its fisheries.

Since coming to MSU in 2009, Lynch has published four peer reviewed papers, two guest columns, one book chapter, two co-edited books, and four outreach articles; she has presented at three national conferences and four international conferences; and she has received numerous awards that recognize her excellence in science and policy.

“I am honored to be a recipient of the 2013 Paul W. Rodgers Scholarship,” Lynch said. “Dr. Rodgers was a valued member of the Great Lakes research community and I hope that my dissertation research honors his legacy and commitment to the resource. This award will help further my academic training to achieve my personal goals of advancing knowledge relating to Great Lakes aquatic ecosystem health and management through research, education, and communication.”