Explaining the public value of fish and fisheries

Explaining the public value of fish and fisheries

Jan. 10, 2013

"Fish? Why fish?"

CSIS members William Taylor, University Distinguished Professor in global fisheries systems, and Abigail Lynch, fisheries and wildlife doctoral student, answer that question and more in a guest column in the latest issue of Fisheries.

In "The Four Fs of Fish: Communicating the Public Value of Fish and Fisheries," Taylor and Lynch offer food, finances, fun and function as four starting points for talking about the value of fish to audiences that range from dinner companions to United Nations policymakers.

"As a whole, we, as professionals can be better communicators," Taylor and Lynch write. "We need to be cognizant that others may not share our passion for fish and we must provide them with a clear rationale of why fish and their habitats should be important to them. Our future and that of fishes depend on us to do just that -- make fish meaningful and important to all."