Dietz to be part of national conversation on climate change

Thomas Dietz, professor of sociology and environmental science and policy and assistant vice president for environmental research

May 10, 2011

The National Research Council will release the final report in the America’s Climate Choices series on Thursday, May 12. The America’s Climate Choices two-year study was designed to assess short-term and long-term strategies for mitigating climate change and adapting to it, as well as identify necessary scientific and technical advances and flag barriers.

Thomas Dietz, center member and assistant vice president for environmental research who also is part of MSU’s Environmental Science and Policy Program, is on the leadership committee for the America’s Climate Choices study and helped write the final report.

After the final report is released, Dietz will participate in a roundtable discussion, A Conversation on America’s Climate Choices hosted by Climate Central’s Heidi Cullen.