February 2018

March 1, 2018

The Ecological Society of America (ESA) has recognized the contributions of Michigan State University’s Jianguo “Jack” Liu to the science and scholarship of sustainability by naming him a Fellow.


Feb. 26, 2018

Times are tough for 31 of Michigan’s 45 varieties of freshwater mussels. Sporting evocative names like wavy-rayed lampmussel and round pigtoe, these residents of the state’s rivers are imperiled by habitat disruption and pollution and are also threatened by climate change.

Michigan State University (MSU) scientists’ recommendation to figure out the best places to focus conservation efforts: Worry about fish.


Feb. 23, 2018

Emily Dean, a PhD student studying with Dana Infante, has been awarded the James Schramm Graduate School Scholarship in Fisheries by the Great Lakes Council, a regional affiliate of the Federation of Fly Fishers International.


Feb. 7, 2018

Frank Lupi, professor of environmental and natural resources economics and fisheries and wildlife and CSIS member, is one of 10 Spartans named William J. Beal Outstanding Faculty.