August 2011

Aug. 30, 2011

Students flocking back to campus will be greeted by a slice of CSIS research.

PhD candidate Neil Carter is gracing banners sprinkled across campus -- in this case across from Spartan Stadium -- taken while he was conducting research in January 2011 at the Chitwan National Park in Nepal.


Aug. 18, 2011

Marielle Peschiera, graduate student at the MSU Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability (CSIS), was interviewed by Planet Azul, a Spanish-language radio show, about her research on climate change.


Aug. 1, 2011

Thomas Dietz, professor of sociology and environmental science and policy and assistant vice president for environmental research, has co-authored three papers out recently, all exploring different aspects of how environmental issues mesh with human elements, from public opinion to the global use of resources.

He also is is featured in a National Academies of Science video "Advancing the Science of Climate Change.