December 2007

Dec. 31, 2007

AMBIO published "Coupled Human and Natural Systems" in the December 2007 issue.

Vanessa Hull's work with tracking giant pandas has been highlighted by the NSF.

PNAS published "Environmental Impacts of Divorce".

Zai Liang presented a seminar titled "Migration Networks and Migration Processes: The Case of China" at CSIS on Nov. 29.

Science published "Complexity of Coupled Human and Natural Systems."


Dec. 10, 2007

Michigan State University’s panda habitat research team has spent years collecting mountains of data aimed at understanding and saving giant pandas. Now people can join a graduate student as she works to catch crucial data that’s black, white and furry. 

Vanessa Hull, 25, a Ph.D. candidate, is in the snowy, remote mountains of the Sichuan Province of China – which also is the heart of panda habitat. She’s hoping to capture, collar and track up to four wild pandas using advanced global positioning systems.