Jan. 26, 2015

Michigan State University partnered with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in Rome to bring 212 people from 45 countries to discuss ways to make fish a competitive part of global development, from the Great Lakes that surround Michigan to the Amazon and Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. The Global Conference on Inland Fisheries is Jan.


 In the media

March 27, 2015

Reclusive giant pandas fascinate the world, yet precious little is known about how they spend their time in the Chinese bamboo forests. Until now.

A team of Michigan State University (MSU) researchers who have been electronically stalking five pandas in the wild, courtesy of advanced GPS collars, have finished crunching months of data and has published some panda surprises in this month’s Journal of Mammalogy.


March 26, 2015

Vanessa Hull was honored with a prestigious award for her doctoral work, one of 12 Spartans celebrated for their global contributions Wednesday.

Hull received the Gill-Chin Lim Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Global Studies at the 25th Annual International Awards hosted by MSU International Studies and Programs, which recognize contributions for international understanding.


Feb. 26, 2015

The world has little use – and precious little time -- for detached experts.

A group of scientists – each of them experts – makes a compelling case in this week’s Science Magazine that the growing global challenges has rendered sharply segregated expertise obsolete.


Feb. 25, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency is poised this year to let states and utilities motivate their customers to cut back on electricity use to reduce CO2 emissions. A group of social scientists, however, note it’ll take more than random rebates or gadgets to pull off real change.

Research shows that if done right, the energy savings and financial rewards for consumers could be substantial. But for the approach to work, energy utilities will have to be more in touch with their behaviorist side.


Jan. 27, 2014

Inland fishing – the powerful yet quieter sister to the large, salty marine aquaculture powerhouse – has gained what experts say is a much-needed visibility boost this as the first partnership between Michigan State University (MSU) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations goes on in Rome.


Jan. 14, 2015

The days of assuming natural resources can be swapped in and out to solve shortages – corn for oil, soy for beef – may be over. An international group of scientists demonstrate that many key resources have peaked in productivity, pointing to the sobering conclusion that “renewable” is not synonymous with “unlimited.”


Jan. 13, 2015

A new Michigan State PhD student began her research career digging into the world of microbes in the soil to understand what it takes to nurture a repurposed prairie back to health -- a deep topic.