April 30, 2019

Two papers by Michigan State University (MSU) scientists begin challenging a more simplistic, input/output view of natural resources in favor of a way that better reflected how the world really works.

That these natural resources don’t just flow or gush down pipelines.

That sometimes energy whisks across the world stored in the materials it produces. Sometimes water moves stored in crops it made grow.


March 28, 2019

For a five-year-old, the telecoupling framework is proving to be precocious.

What began as a research upstart in the crowded world of sustainability science, the research framework is becoming a standard to allow scientists from many different fields come to the same table to examine complicated challenges that span the globe. Telecoupling framework’s impact and future are examined in this month’s journal Sustainability.


March 21, 2019

Fulfilling the world’s growing energy needs summons images of oil pipelines, electric wires and truckloads of coal. But Michigan State University scientists show a lot of energy moves nearly incognito, embedded in the products of a growing society.

And that energy leaves its environmental footprint home.