2018 NASA-MSU Professional Enhancement Award Application Form

Before starting the application process please have the following items available.

(PLEASE NOTE: Failure to complete the form will require a new submission, and this system has been known to fail to recognize an email address after it has been used in an incomplete/failed submission.  It is not possible to store incomplete applications so we emphasize that once you start you must be prepared with ALL the information below, or be prepared to make a second attempt with a different email address. Preparation is your friend.

An automatic acceptance notification will not be generated. If you want assurance your application was successfully submitted, contact Sue Nichols, nichols@msu.edu with your name, email and approximate time/day you submitted. She'll be happy to reassure you or guide you further.)

  • All authors
  • Abstract title and abstract (as it was submitted to US-IALE)
  • Cover letter
  • Resume/CV
  • Budget for the trip to US-IALE Annual Meeting in Chicago
  • Make sure that your major advisor/supervisor has reviewed and approved the application materials