Workshop: Applications of the Telecoupling Framework and Hands-on Exercises with the Telecoupling Toolbox


Landscapes and people in different places across the world are increasingly interconnected, both ecologically and socioeconomically. To understand and manage such complex interconnections, a new integrated framework of telecoupling is proposed ( Telecouplings are socioeconomic and ecological interactions between multiple places over distances. They occur through payment for ecosystem services, trade, water transfer, foreign investment, migration, and tourism. They also emerge when information flows, organisms disperse, species invade, and diseases spread. The award-winning framework of telecoupling emphasizes reciprocal cross-scale and cross-border interactions (e.g., feedbacks). Telecouplings have profound implications for landscape sustainability as they can transform landscape structure, function, pattern, process, and dynamics. They pose new global challenges and offer exciting new opportunities for the landscape ecology community. In this workshop, we will introduce the telecoupling framework, present applications of the framework, and conduct hands-on exercises with the new Telecoupling Toolbox, a free and open-source suite of spatially-explicit tools for describing and quantifying telecouplings. Workshop participants will have an opportunity to apply the framework and toolbox to their socio-environmental issues of interest.

Organizers: Jianguo (Jack) Liu, Francesco Tonini, Yue Dou, Hongbo Yang 

Sunday, April 9, 2017, US-IALE conference, Baltimore, Md.