Publications exploring telecoupling


Land-use changes across distant places: design of a telecoupled agent-based model





Current Opinion of Environmental Sustainability

Governing flows in telecoupled land systems






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Guidance for assessing interregional ecosystem service flows








Sustainability logoTelecoupled Food Trade Affects Pericoupled Trade and Intracoupled Production

News release: Tariffs lead to creative supply chains



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Book chapter: What is Telecoupling?
Preview: First 20 Pages

News release: New book applies telecoupling framework to land-use change




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Shift in a national virtual energy network

News release: Energy stealthily hitches ride in global trade





Science of the Total Envirionment

Interactive national virtual water-energy nexus networks







Sustainability Journal

Telecoupling Research: The First Five Years

News release:  Sustainability celebrates research revolution birthday




Special Feature - Telecoupling: A New Frontier in Global Sustainability

News release: Sustainable science amplifies the global of local






Global relationships between biodiversity and nature-based tourism in protected areas

News release: Biodiversity draws the ecotourism crowd







Annual Review of Environment and ResourcesChina's Environment on a Metacoupled Planet




Network analysis as a tool for quantifying the dynamics of metacoupled systems: an example using global soybean trade






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Nexus approaches to global sustainable development

News release: Sustainability without borders – new ways to integrate sciences

Nature Sustainability Blog: From pandas and people to the world





INSEE journal


An integrated framework for achieving sustainable development goals around the world







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Feedback of telecoupling: The case of payments for ecosystem services program

News Release: Conservation has feedback – scientists learn to listen






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The Telecoupling GeoApp: A Web-GIS application to systematically analyze telecouplings and sustainable development







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Spillover systems in a telecoupled Anthropocene: typology, methods, and governance for global sustainability 

News release: Dealing with the spillovers along sustainability’s path






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Importing food damages domestic environment: Evidence from global soybean trade

News release: Importing food damages domestic environment





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Interregional flows of ecosystem services: Concepts, typology and four cases








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Integration across a metacoupled world







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Telecoupling Toolbox: spatially explicit tools for studying telecoupled human and 
natural systems







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Biodiversity conservation in a telecoupled world







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A looming tragedy of the sand commons
This paper has been honored with the Sustainability Science Award by the Ecological Society of America





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The Sino-Brazilian Telecoupled Soybean System and Cascading Effects for the Exporting Country





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Integrating Modelling Approaches for Understanding Telecoupling: Global Food Trade and Local Land Use





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Top 40 questions in coupled human and natural systems (CHANS) research

News release: Scholars identify sustainability’s 40 biggest questions






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News release: Telecoupling framework calms choppy waters of fisheries management






Elementa - Science of the Anthropocene

Telecoupling framework for research on migratory species in the Anthropocene

News release: Fly-over states matter when understanding – and saving - migratory birds





Journal of Integrative Agriculture cover
Telecoupled land-use changes in distant countries








Science China Life Sciences

Conservation planning beyond giant pandas: the need for an innovative telecoupling framework

News release:  Telecoupling offers paths to global conservation strategies






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New road for telecoupling global prosperity and ecological sustainability

News release: Yesterday's Silk Road could be tomorrow's environmental superhighway






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Urban water sustainability framework and application

News release: Two tales of a city to understand sustainability





Energy journal

Energy sustainability under the framework of telecoupling

News release: Sustainability too big – and important - for simple story







Pandas and People book coverPandas and People - Coupling Human and Natural Systems for Sustainability

Website: Pandas and People






Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Framing ecosystem services in the telecoupled anthropocene

News release: New science helps put spotlight on unseen global impacts






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Telecoupling in urban water systems: an examination
of Beijing’s imported water supply

News release: It takes a village – and much more – to quench megacity water demands

This paper has been included in the high impact research collection of Routledge Geography, Planning and Urban Studies academic publishers.



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Multiple telecouplings and their complex interrelationships

News release: New science redefines remote - even pandas global






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Systems Integration for Global Sustainability

News release: World’s challenges demand science changes – and fast, experts say




Rethinking Global Land Use
 Applications of the Telecoupling Framework to Land-Change Scienc
 Significance of Telecoupling for Exploration of Land-Use Change
 Palm Oil as a Case Study of Distal Land Connections






Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies

Forest Sustainability in China and Implications for a Telecoupled World

News release:  Telecoupling science shows China’s forest sustainability packs global impact







Integrated Assessments of payments for ecosystem services programs

News release: Tracking ripples of policies in a telecoupled world 





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Framing Sustainability in a Telecoupled World

(Translated to Chinese here)

News release: Telecoupling pulls pieces of sustainability together