Publications exploring telecoupling

Elementa - Science of the Anthropocene
Telecoupling framework for research on migratory species in the Anthropocene

News Release: Fly-over states matter when understanding – and saving - migratory birds


Journal of Integrative Agriculture coverTelecoupled land-use changes in distant countries





Science China Life Sciences

Conservation planning beyond giant pandas: the need for an innovative telecoupling framework

News Release:  Telecoupling offers paths to global conservation strategies



Ecosystem Health and Sustainability cover

New road for telecoupling global prosperity and ecological sustainability

News Release: Yesterday's Silk Road could be tomorrow's environmental superhighway




Ecology and Society logo


Urban water sustainability framework and application

News Release: Two tales of a city to understand sustainability



Energy journal

Energy sustainability under the framework of telecoupling

News Release: Sustainability too big – and important - for simple story




Pandas and People book coverPandas and People - Coupling Human and Natural Systems for Sustainability

Website: Pandas and People




Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment

Framing ecosystem services in the telecoupled anthropocene

News Release: New science helps put spotlight on unseen global impacts



Water International cover
Telecoupling in urban water systems: an examination
of Beijing’s imported water supply

News release: It takes a village – and much more – to quench megacity water demands




Ecology and Society logo

Multiple telecouplings and their complex interrelationships

News release: New science redefines remote - even pandas global



Science logo
Systems Integration for Global Sustainability

News release: World’s challenges demand science changes – and fast, experts say


Rethinking Global Land Use
 Applications of the Telecoupling Framework to Land-Change Science 
 Significance of Telecoupling for Exploration of Land-Use Change
 Palm Oil as a Case Study of Distal Land Connections




Asia & the Pacific Policy Studies

Forest Sustainability in China and Implications for a Telecoupled World

News release:  Telecoupling science shows China’s forest sustainability packs global impact





Integrated Assessments of payments for ecosystem services programs

News release: Tracking ripples of policies in a telecoupled world 



Ecology and Society logo

Framing Sustainability in a Telecoupled World

(Translated to Chinese here)

News release: Telecoupling pulls pieces of sustainability together