From pandas comes wisdom of global sustainability

Two decades of studying pandas in a remote corner of China have provided lessons in sustainability that have resonated across the globe. The work is synthesized in the book "Pandas and People - Coupling Human and Natural Systems for Sustainability." 

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Five things pandas have taught us about the world


Panda eating bamboo

Lesson One

Forests are restored, wildlife is recovering and human well-being is improved. A path for recovery is emerging. 

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Woman and girl in Wolong

Lesson Two

Understanding the reality of every-day choices: "Do I chop down this tree and make it hard for a panda, or do I pay for my child's school?"

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Globe in sky

Lesson Three

Sustainability doesn't have pat endings.

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Panda eating being photographed by tourists

Lesson Four

The Wolong Nature Reserve is remote, rural, rustic. But it's also global.

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Tiger roaring

Lesson Five

Ideas and methods in Wolong have switched on a light in a world smaller and more interconnected than fully appreciated before.

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 Panda sitting in field of bamboo

Pandas are ground zero in sustainability science.

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Jack Liu speaks at MSU's Coffee with the Profs

March 21, 2016


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