13th Annual Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Organization Research Symposium

Date and Time: 
02/16/2018 - 8:00am - 8:30pm
MSU Union

Dr. Cheryl Murphy, Faculty; Ciara Hovis, Co-chair; So-Jung Youn, Co-chair; Georgie Burruss; Sarah Burton; Rebecca Cain; Andrew Carlson; Sophia Chau; Tom Connor; Emily Dean; Paige Filice; Chris Henderson; Nick Jaffe; Kelly Kapsar; Yingjie Li; Remington Moll; Lauren Phillips; Samantha Stanton; Sam Theide; Julia Whyte; Nathaniel Yost

A wide array of topics will be discussed in more than 20 oral presentations while others will present the results of their research as part of the poster session. While there are too many topics to list all of them, they include a great representation of the full breadth of the department.

The capstone presentation of the Symposium is the plenary talk by Dr. Roger Nisbet. Dr. Nisbet is a theoretical ecologist at the University of California, Santa Barbara, whose current work uses Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) theory to describe the rates at which individual organisms assimilate and utilize energy and elemental matter. Dr. Nisbet’s talk on “Prediction Up and Down Levels of Biological Organization” will focus on the effectiveness of extrapolating across levels of biological organization. He will also address opportunities and challenges for graduate students in large, multi-disciplinary groups.

In addition to providing a forum for our students to learn what their colleagues are doing, this symposium provides an opportunity for our students to connect with the department’s many partners and stakeholders.