Blogger: Abigail Lynch: PhD student

Resilient fisheries, resilient ecosystems, resilient communities. The term “resilience” has such a positive connotation that I find that it is often sprinkled among research interests, objectives and outcomes like cayenne pepper in a spicy chili recipe. A pinch of resilience here, a dash of sustainability there. Until recently, I took that as the recipe for a well-managed fishery. Until recently, I took the definition of resilience for granted.


August 9, 2013

China, with its enormous cities and vast countryside, is a potential star in the ongoing global drama of slashing carbon emissions. In this week’s Nature, six sustainability experts propose a script.


July 11, 2013

China’s 34-year-old Environmental Protection Law (EPL) was created when it made sense for legislators in a developing country to trade environmental well being for a boost to the gross domestic product (GDP).

Today, as China wrestles with pollution that is leaving its citizens gasping for clean air, worried about water quality and concerned for the safety of the food grown there, scientists including a Michigan State University (MSU) sustainability expert offer guidelines for revising the EPL to protect both humans and nature.


March 22, 2013

Water -- especially the lack of it -- is emerging as the next global imperative, and China is center on the world’s stage of devising plans and policies to provide enough water to survive and thrive.