Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe Blogger: Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe, PhD student

Part way to wake up after a long trip, part indulging in the excitement of exploring a new city, the group strategized how best to take Edinburgh. In an effort to embrace the local culture, I led our merry band on a QUEST FOR THE CUTEST PUB.


March 15, 2012





Three CSIS doctoral students, all in Fisheries and Wildlife, have been honored for their work this spring.


Feb. 15, 2012

Four CSIS students will present at the Seventh Annual Department of Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Research Symposium Friday, Feb. 24, at the MSU Union.

Doctoral students Ayman Mabrouk and Chiara Zuccarino-Crowe and master’s students Kiira Siitari and Miriam Toro Rosario each will offer 15-minute presentations.

Doctoral students Wu Yang and Abigail Lynch are on the symposium’s organizing committee.


Oct. 18, 2011

Marielle Peschiera, a master’s student in the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability will have three years filled with professional experience, networking and travel thanks to a prestigious professional development program.

She has been named a member of the Minorities Striving and Pursuing Higher Degrees of Success in Earth System Science (MS PHDs) initiative, which supports increasing diversity in Earth system science.