March 26, 2015

Vanessa Hull was honored with a prestigious award for her doctoral work, one of 12 Spartans celebrated for their global contributions Wednesday.

Hull received the Gill-Chin Lim Award for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Global Studies at the 25th Annual International Awards hosted by MSU International Studies and Programs, which recognize contributions for international understanding.


Dec. 3, 2014

Good news on the panda front: Turns out they’re not quite as delicate – and picky – as thought.

Up until now, information gleaned from 30 years worth of scientific literature suggested that pandas were inflexible about habitat. Those conclusions morphed into conventional wisdom and thus have guided policy in China. But a Michigan State University (MSU) research associate has led a deep dive into aggregate data and emerged with evidence that the endangered animal is more resilient and flexible than previously believed.


Aug. 20, 2014

China’s 35-year quest to prosperity has exacted a steep price from its coastal ecosystems, a team of American and Chinese scientists report.

It’s not total human population growth that has degraded marine life along China’s coast to a near-irreversible point. Rather, scientists, including Michigan State University’s Jianguo “Jack” Liu, say the booming industrialization that began in 1978 has shifted populations to newly developed coasts, bringing with them pollution, coastal degradation and over fishing.


Jan. 30, 2013

Paying people to protect their natural environment is a popular conservation tool around the world – but figure out that return on investment, for both people and nature, is a thorny problem, especially since such efforts typically stretch on for years.

“Short attention-span worlds with long attention-span problems” is how Xiaodong Chen, a former Michigan State University doctoral student now on faculty at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill sums it up.


Jan. 26, 2014

A renowned expert on social-economic sustainable development and rural issues in China will deliver a lecture Monday, March 3, on campus.

Tiejun Wen, executive dean of the Institute of Advanced Studies for Sustainability at Renmin University of China, will present "China's Eco-Civilization and Sustainable Development: Characteristics and Challenges" at 4 p.m. in Room 105 Manly Miles Building, 1405 S. Harrison St., East Lansing.


Oct. 21, 2013

A sweeping memorandum of understanding between Michigan State University (MSU) and Brazil opens doors to collaboration to understand complex global sustainability and food security challenges.

MSU President Lou Anna K. Simon and Mateus Batistella, a representative of Embrapa, the state-owned research arm of Brazil’s Ministry of Agriculture, signed the memorandum of understanding Oct. 18 on MSU’s campus.