WFC: Wrapping up with some fun - and pics

WFC: Wrapping up with some fun - and pics

Sue Nichols and fish

Blogger: Sue Nichols, assistant director..(and see below for Marielle's report)

With the World Fisheries Congress complete the MSU crew has dispersed for their own adventures. Some are off for field work, some will take time to explore Paris and other parts of Europe, a couple are heading up to Iceland, since it seems so close.

Hard to argue with that.

I'm still in East Lansing, consumed with equal parts pride and envy. I'll do a little clean up -- a tourist update from Marielle Peschiera and a smattering of pictures she and others sent along.

From Marielle: As I roamed around the streets (Note: COLD streets) of Edinburgh, I could not help think that a year ago at this month I was in my home town Puerto Rico preparing my suitcase for what has change my life, move to United States to do my master’s degree at Michigan State University.

Edinburgh’s castle. was the first time I set foot on a castle. There Hanna, Chiara, and I visited (to mention some parts of the Castle) the:

Before ending the night with some delicious Thai food we went to a famous British bar named Deacon Brodie’s Tavern where we saw “the moon before the sun came down” (Chiara’s words). At last but not least and with a big appetite we went to the Thai restaurant where we stuff our faces with some incredible food.

Scenic Edinburgh

Chiara and Hanna typing Bill Taylor Dogs

Kelsey and Hanna 



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