I want more Moreton!

I want more Moreton!

Blogger: Abigail Lynch, a doctoral candidate in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife and a CSIS member, blogs from Down Under -- she's in Australia to build a framework for her dissertation research. She's interested in developing a decision-support tool to regulate harvest management strategies for lake whitefish in a changing climate.



I want more Moreton!

Saturday, June 17, 2011

Snorkeling off Moreton Island with Laura Russo and family! While the visibility and diversity were Abby Lynch snorkeling off Moreton Islandunderwhelming, the trip has whet my appetite for seeing more coral reef ecosystems! As I am not familiar with the flora and fauna here, I will begin a tally of species within fish families that I recognize (not ideal, but the best I can do with my limited knowledge of the ecosystems (more than 80% of the species diversity found in Australia is endemic -- so I don’t feel too bad for not knowing all the names):

Acanthuridae (surgeonfishes): 2
Labridae (wrasses and parrotfish): 3
Pomacentridae (damselfishes): 3
Sparidae (sea breams): 2
Stromateidae (butterfishes): 1
Corals: 3

Sunday, June 19, 2011
Other than the unexpectedly short days (it is fully dark by 5:15 p.m.), I think the only shock I’ve gotten cherriessince I’ve been here is sticker shock -- everything is unbelievably expensive. It’s as if they set the prices when the Australian dollar was low and have kept them even now when the Australian dollar is higher than the American dollar (currently, 1 AUD = 1.06 USD). I’m having a tough time because the produce is particularly high and I miss fresh fruits and veggies! 

Lynch's studies are supported by a William W. and Evelyn M. Taylor Endowed Fellowship for International Engagement in Coupled Human and Natural Systems, an International Studies and Programs Predissertation Award, an Ecology, Evolutionary Biology, and Behavior Summer Fellowship, a Graduate School Research Enhancement Award, and a travel award from the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.



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