Nov. 12, 2015

Andrew Carlson, a CSIS doctoral student, will be paired with a Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) executive to analyze results from the 2015 Inland Trout Angler Survey with the help of the Janice Lee Fenske Excellence in Fisheries Management Fellowship.


Joe Nohner is a CSIS PhD student who's studying largemouth bass, specifically how habitat helps baby largemouth survive and grow, and the socioeconomic factors that influence landowners’ habitat management choices. He's also a passionate fisherman who aims to understand the layers and layers of complexity to solve ecosystem problems. This is an excerpt from Joe's blog, Fishing for Habitat.

Nov. 2, 2015

“I have no idea what this thing is, some sort of a spiny-headed worm or something,” called out Michelle, a technician in the lab. Transfixed by the insidious creature, she zoomed in with the microscope to take a


Oct. 7, 2015

The life of tourist destinations unfold with success, peril -- and lessons. Tourism is a telecoupling process, which involves socioeconomic and environmental interactions over distances. As global tourism booms, researchers at Michigan State University work to extract those lessons.


Oct.1, 2015

This just in from the pandas nestled in a remote corner of China: Their influence spans the globe.

In this week’s international journal Ecology and Society, sustainability scholars from Michigan State University apply a new integrated framework to the decades of work they’ve done to understand how pandas and local people in pandas’ fragile environment interact across the world.


Sept. 18, 2015

China’s struggle – mirrored across the globe -- to balance public concern over the safety of genetically modified (GM) crops with a swelling demand for affordable food crops has left a disconnect:  In China’s case, shrinking fields of domestic soybean – by law non-GM -- and massive imports of cheaper soybeans that are the very GM crop consumers profess to shun.