Oct. 14, 2016

Emilio Moran, a renowned social and environmental scientist and Michigan State University Hannah Distinguished Professor, has been appointed by President Barack Obama to serve on the National Science Board of the National Science Foundation.

A pioneer in the field of environmental research, Moran will begin his six-year term after he is sworn in at the board’s next meeting in early November.

Moran is a CSIS member. Read the full story here.


October 12, 2016

Just as there are two sides to every story, sustainability challenges have at least two stories to reach every solution. Scientists report new ways to understand and integrate those tales.


Sept. 21, 2016

Thomas Connor is a PhD student studying with Jack Liu. He's doing field work in and around Wolong, China.

If you asked me a couple of years ago if I would ever experience waves of pleasure at the site of fresh feces, I would have probably answered “maybe.” I can now give a definitive “yes” to that question, if anyone was wondering, as my fall fieldwork in Sichuan Province, China, kicks off the ground. I am now in the north of Wolong Nature Reserve, staying in the village of Genda. From there it is a 20-minute drive and a couple hour hike into the mountains to reach the edge of the reserve, where it borders Caopo Nature Reserve to the north. The quest for panda poo is not easy at this time of year – it is the tail end of the rainy season, which leaves ground slippery and muddy and the bamboo understory soaking wet even on clear days. The pandas in the area are also currently eating the leaves of arrow bamboo, a species that occurs at high elevations above 2700 meters. This means a long climb every day, usually with the threat of rain, and without promise of success.


Sept. 20, 2016

The only guarantee of change is that it will come – a truth that has been acknowledged and embraced by the Great Lakes Fishery Commission (GLFC). CSIS PhD student Molly Good partnered with Bill Taylor to help the organization examine the prospects of change and explore options for its current and future involvement in Great Lakes fisheries management


Sept. 14, 2016

When it comes to understanding how giant pandas pick habitat – a crucial piece of conservation intelligentsia – researchers get a much better picture by watching their whole journey, not just the potty breaks.